Fracture (The Affinities Book 4)

After the success of the mind controller’s unethical experimentation, the shattered group of primaries attempt different methods of saving their friends and their town.


Together but emotionally apart, Eliana and Kiki explore places of the past for clues to create an anti-serum.


Bound by Affinity suppressing handcuffs, Tray and Lavisa reluctantly engage in Olalla’s experiments.


Unchained from Tray’s influence, Adara forfeits her morality for a platter of donuts.


The primaries aren’t the only ones making moves, though. In Periculand, various factions vie for control over the town. On Hastings Street, Avner struggles to work with one of his parents in order to eliminate the other one. And at Wacko Headquarters, Danny establishes his strategies of democracy and domination.


When goals intertwine, Periculanders, Wackos, Affinities, and Reggs must make alliances that will maybe mend or further fracture the cracks in their society.