Blood (The Affinities Book 1)

While one hostile superhuman group wreaks havoc, all “Wackos” have been labeled terrorists, and according to the government, small-time thief and arsonist Adara Stromer is one of them.



Bullied and orphaned from a young age, Adara has always gotten into trouble, frequently stealing silly trinkets and accidentally setting houses on fire. But all that seems inconsequential when two strange men arrive on her doorstep to tell her she has superpowers.


By government order, Adara and other superpowered teens are brought to Periculand, a town for Affinities. Here they learn to harness their powers, though not fast enough to fend off bullies or deal with an even bigger threat: the infamous, terrorist Wackos, a group of Affinities with a flair for violence, who have shifted their focus from killing “Regular” people to infiltrating Periculand.


As secrets and mysteries unfold, Adara must work with her new friends and rivals to determine what hidden motives are at work—and who among them is their true enemy.




For a fun character-driven read filled with angst, drama, political intrigue, and slow building romances, buy your copy today and experience what readers are calling a mashup of X-Men and Hogwarts.